Keady Wastewater Treatment Works

Northern Ireland Water (NIW) appointed Laganwater to deliver the £5.1 million refurbishment of the existing Wastewater Treatment Works (WwTW) at Keady in County Armagh. The upgrade included RBC’s and Tertiary Filtration to achieve a 5 BOD:10 SS :1.5 NH3-N (mg/l) discharge consent.


Northern Ireland Water

Contract Value

£5.1 million

Contract Period

November 2010 to August 2012

Client Benefits

Final Effluent improved; Odour emissions and tanker movements reduced


Project details

Keady WwTW was first refurbished in 1973 and due the expansion of the catchment area was in need of refurbishment to alleviate treatment issues. NIW were required to improve the works to comply with a new NI Environment Agency discharge consent standard. NIW specified the use of large diameter Rotating Biological Contactors (RBC’s).

Throughout the design process Laganwater and NIW worked closely to ensure that the final works met the stringent discharge consent and operational and maintenance access issues were addressed to facilitate future operation.

The new works included new 6mm inlet screening, 2 no. 10m diameter Primary Settlement tanks, 10 no. 4.5 m diameter RBC’s, 2 no. 12 m diameter Secondary Settlement Tanks and a 10 cell Tertiary Sand Filter. Sludge storage and decanting facilities were provided to allow tanker removal of sludge. Final Effluent passes through a booster pumping station for site services, before discharging by gravity to the local water course. A new welfare building was constructed for the MCC and SCADA system.

Laganwater phased the works in three stages to ensure that the works remained operational. Three new RBC’s, FST and storm tanks were commissioned in Phase 1 to meet the existing (30:50) standard. Laganwater commissioned the works and operated the works during the Performance Period.

The new works serve a PE of 5,800 with additional capacity to upgrade to 7000 PE.

Keady WwTW is the largest RBC plant in Ireland using 10 number large diameter (4.5 m) RBC’s.

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